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NASA’s Webb Telescope and Wavefront LASIK

Imagine being able to see invisible light that is thousands of light-years away. NASA’s newest high-tech telescope – the James Webb Space Telescope – will act as an extension of human vision and allow scientists to view the universe unlike ever before. Advanced scientific missions like the Webb telescope, require cutting-edge solutions. For example, NASA scientists developed wavefront technology to create the telescope’s high-powered optical system to reveal the mysteries of space. Today, that s

Sunglasses: Turn Fashion into Eye Protection

Our eyes process light in order to see clearly. But light rays, particularly ultraviolet or UV light, can be harsh on the naked eye and even cause significant damage. It is important to protect your eyes from UV rays to keep them and your vision healthy. Sunglasses – the right sunglasses – can protect our eyes from harmful light rays, taking them beyond fashion to serving an important function. Sunglasses comfort your eyes by shielding them from the brightness of the sun’s UV rays. Excessive ex
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Photo of two drinks poolside at the Sands Hotel and Spa in Indian Wells, Palm Springs, California

Hotel Review: Sands Hotel & Spa

Pink dreams come true at the Sands Hotel. This place is probably my all-time favorite hotel to stay at. Perfect for a weekend getaway, whether you’re here for girl’s trip or a little R+R, you’ll feel comfortable and totally fabulous. With only 46 rooms, this boutique hotel makes every one of their guests feel VIP in their chic, unique rooms. Described on their website, the hotel is “A combination of [Martyn Lawrence] Bullard’s Moroccan-inspired influence and a mid-century vibe that is synonymou
Giulia stands posed in her graduation stole, graduation cap, with a face mask to portray graduating during the COVID-19 global pandemic

A 20 Something & A Pandemic

I am writing this piece in the front yard of my family home in Southern California, where the weather is warm and sunny; not at all a parallel to the tragedy happening beyond the fence. COVID-19, you have put the icing on the cake for 2020, and no one likes this flavor. There is so much I want to say about this time and how it has made me feel. There is nothing I wouldn’t give to have this go away and return to normal. But the reality of it is, this is now and will be until it isn’t (which is h

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